The Source

Mighty Oceans rolled and roared,
Waving strength in boastful song.
“We are power, we give life,
Vast and deep our endless throng.”

“No,” said brimming rivers all,
Who do flow and downward go.
“You have only come to be
From our songs of endless flow.”

Concert voice of creeks and streams
Tributaries in full song,
“We feed rivers, n’er forget,
With out us, you would be gone.”

Then a hymn above the noise,
Raindrops sang in harmony.
“Waves and flow come drop by drop”
Life’s bestowed, humanity.

Suddenly a rest was heard,
All took note of such a claim,
Source of this great flowing gift,
Unknown in creation’s chain.

Oceans, rivers, stilled in awe
Streams and creeks all raised their view.
Be’yond droplets to heavens above,
Source of life – And now they knew.

Jeffrey Patnaude © 2016