Our God dwells in the silent spaces coming to us occasionally in a still, small voice-a whisper in words of love, an encouragement in a message of hope. But then there are the moments of incomprehensible power when wisdom comes crashing through into our world of unconsciousness with the gift of an awakening. It is then that we may become emboldened to follow an unfamiliar path that leads to the fulfillment of our life purpose.

What was once hidden in the obvious and obscured by the evident is now made visible by the light that comes from darkness. What we imagined as too rough or unmanageable now becomes a pathway to our destiny.

Our God makes the rough smooth by walking with us in our times of trial and comforting us in our travail. Our God is a mighty God who awakens the hero within us and transfers our spiritual center of gravity into a zone unknown.

Yet we are not alone. We are not forsaken.


The Reverend Jeffrey Patnaude, www.patnaude.com