I sat one evening observing a starlit sky and focused on the constellation Pleiades, M45, or more lovingly called, The Seven Sisters. This particular constellation has long been a favorite of mine for some reason, as it is always the first star cluster I notice – or perhaps, notices me!

Wondering if it was my actual home of origin and if my start began by being sent to earth on a beam of light, I sat that night and observed what appeared to be that twinkle in their eyes. Discovering that it had taken 444 light years for the light that I was observing to just now arrive at planet earth, I felt a twinge of awe. And that the twinkle of light that had just entered MY optic nerve to stimulate such thinking was also awesome.

But then I wondered: “Where did that light go next? Did it pass through me and continue its journey to elsewhere to a galaxy beyond? Or were my eyes the final resting place after all that time and that incredible amount of distance? Could that explosion of light have been meant just for the one person who was sitting at the right place, at the right time, eons after its explosive send off?

Hardly! But, it could have become the final resting place in perhaps the tens of thousands of earthlings who were doing the same thing, at a similar time period in a not too distant geography.

I was pleased with my thinking – but it didn’t end there by being consumed within the optic nerve of my own consciousness. What about LOVE YEARS I thought? If we can have the energy of light measured in LIGHT YEARS, calculated in time and distance, can the same be said of the energy of LOVE? I concluded: “NO!”

Why? -because Love Years take no time – and they take up no space. They ARE the time that matters (where there is no matter in the physical universe) and they ARE space – a space to love – a space to receive love – a space to BE love.

When my Father died and we sorted through the simple remains of his last years, there was a box in which he had kept his most precious items. At the bottom was a letter from me that I had written my Father and Mother my first year of college to tell them, before it was too late, how much I loved them. Long since forgotten in my memory bank, it was one of the few items my Father held close to his heart. In an instant, when seeing my handwriting and then recalling the experience of the writing, there was no distance – just immediacy – there was no time –it was instantaneous. Love years have no boundaries – nothing keeps them corralled – they are free to roam the Universes at will.

Why is that anyway? Why is it that they have such freedom when LIGHT years have to obey the Quantum rules of physics and have to labor endlessly to travel? Because, that’s why!

Oh, and there’s another reason. Love years come from the SOURCE where there is no beginning or end. You see, Love is not contained by time and space –it is time and space and whenever it arrives, watch for that twinkle in its eye. It is a confirmation of its origin.

*(A concept birthed from the fascinating mind of my great friend, Herby)