Lenten Reflection on Isaiah 42:14-16

Lenten Reflection on Isaiah 42:14-16

Our God dwells in the silent spaces coming to us occasionally in a still, small voice-a whisper in words of love, an encouragement in a message of hope. But then there are the moments of incomprehensible power when wisdom comes crashing through into our world of unconsciousness with the gift of an awakening. It is then that we may become emboldened to follow an unfamiliar path that leads to the fulfillment of our life purpose.

What was once hidden in the obvious and obscured by the evident is now made visible by the light that comes from darkness. What we… Continue reading

Meditation on a Thin Place

This meditation starts off big and ends really small.

I first experienced the presence of God when I was five years old – an angelic visitation that simply assured me that I was loved. At 15, I was called to the ministry from a heavenly voice – at 24, a blue light descended upon a dying boy in an intensive care unit, perhaps as an answer to my prayer. He was given only hours to live – he recovered fully. At the age of 59, that same presence instantly healed me from a terminal disease. These were BIG – really… Continue reading

Advent – O Come, please Come

This writing may be a bit early as the autumn leaves just begin their return to “the dust from whence they have come”, but Advent is soon to be here when the Church prepares for “the coming of the Christ child.” In these four weeks of waiting, congregants will sing: “O Come, O Come Emmanuel” yet I wonder if they actually realize what it is they are asking?

The God who comes does not arrive as a priest of the church who is more earnest in comparing the “size of the parish” than preaching a disruptive Gospel. The God who… Continue reading

Love Years*

I sat one evening observing a starlit sky and focused on the constellation Pleiades, M45, or more lovingly called, The Seven Sisters. This particular constellation has long been a favorite of mine for some reason, as it is always the first star cluster I notice – or perhaps, notices me!

Wondering if it was my actual home of origin and if my start began by being sent to earth on a beam of light, I sat that night and observed what appeared to be that twinkle in their eyes. Discovering that it had taken 444 light years for the light… Continue reading

“A Bad Day for Ego… Is a Good day for Soul”

This is not my quote – I spotted it in a magazine and I thank the source for the suggested wit and wisdom. Allow me another perspective.

Ego is often maligned due to a misunderstanding from Freud’s original thought. Ego is actually the buffer between our outrageous and primitive Id (subconscious) and the divine polarity of the Super-Conscious (the conscious self). Ego has the tough job and distinct role of introducing a more acceptable version of this animalistic creature to the outside world. It’s somewhat similar to when your messy drunken uncle visits you and he will be attending a… Continue reading