It happened when the “soon to be” former owner of a 57 corvette slowly raised the door of his garage guarding his treasure and my heart went into my throat;  it happened when I looked down at my “soon to be” bride’s beautiful foot adorned with toenail color and the perfect sandals that I knew I was in trouble; and it happened when, still 1000 feet before I could see the main house of our farm that I became the “soon to be” owner when I said, “I’ll take it.”

The Power of the Visual is certainly not only about acquisitions or romance – it is, however one of the ways in which the heart is stimulated to action and sends messages to the body to ACT.

It was in 1968 that the first picture of the Earth from the Apollo mission was seen by the people of our planet. It is a photograph that immediately became iconic in its beauty, color, movement and graciousness. We could finally gaze at our fragile island home with new appreciation, wonder and a new consciousness regarding our stewardship of our fellow traveler in now increasing need. What emerged was the beginning of:

  • Earth Day
  • The Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Ban on DDT
  • Doctors without Borders

All this from ONE PICTURE!

Imagine what our corporations or even religious organizations would be like if we imagined all leadership powerful yet kind – visionary yet appreciative of detail and individual differences – individually considerate yet able to grasp the whole – intellectually stimulating yet embracing simplicity – inspirationally motivating yet able to follow – and an ideal influence for others by a willingness to promote values and beliefs as a transparent and authentic example.

I remember being struck with the VISUAL of Pope Gregory’s visit to Mexico and Cuba years ago. Arriving by the Pope Air Bus, the Holy Father was transported to his bullet proof Pope Mobile for his mix with the adoring, yet distanced masses. In contrast, I ponder the picture of the simple rabbi who rode into Jerusalem on the back of a donkey, making their way slowly on palm fronds laid down as a carpet fitting for a King.

Simplicity is next to Godliness – less is more – and without the jewels of an earthly kingdom, this simple servant leader went on to begin the change of this beautiful world that generously and patiently continues to hang majestically in space.

I no longer have that 57 corvette but I do have two beautiful feet that sit beside me in a farmhouse that had been waiting for its renewal. May the visual that inspires you help you become that picture that leaves a lasting legacy that will remain a part of the history of our sacred planet Earth.